Help: How to Message

How to Message Other Users

If you read through someone’s profile and decide to contact them, then it’s time to upgrade to a paid LSH membership. That’s the message you’ll see here, at the top of their profile. Click that link to pay for your 3 month membership.





Once you have upgraded, there are two ways to send a message.

When you are in the main search area, you can click 'Send message' on the far right side of the screen. 











Or, you can click 'Messages' in the top right of the screen. 




This will take you to the Messages page, where you can read your recieved messages, or send a new one by clicking "Write new message."






This is the write message page. If you clicked "Send message" on the search page, then the username of the person you want to message will be automatically filled in. If not, you'll have to type it in yourself. 











That big white box at the bottom is where you type your actual message. Then scroll down to find the "Send message" button. 










You may notice the "Attach Files" box above the "Send message" button. You can use that to send pictures or other documents. Click "Choose Files" to upload them from your computer. REMEMBER TO CLICK "Upload" BEFORE YOU SEND. Otherwise, the documents won't actually attach.

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