Help: How to Search

How to Search

There is a yellow menu bar at the top of every page. No matter where you are, you can scroll up and find it! If you hover your mouse over “Browse,” this menu drops down. There are a few options, depending on what you want to look for.

ALL: You want to search renters and owners in any area.

OWNERS: You only want to search for people who have a room to offer. This is what you’ll click if you are a renter looking for a room.

RENTERS: You only want to search for people who are seeking a room to live in. This what you’ll click if you’re an owner looking for a housemate.

AREAS: You want to narrow your search by area, rather than by renter or owner.

If you click ALL, you can still narrow down your choices with the TYPE menu, on the left side of the screen: 





As you can see, there are many other options to help you narrow down your search. Choose the area you live in, your desired age range, your preferences about pets, gender, and smoking… and then click ‘Search’! 









The screen below the search button will populate with everyone who matches your requirements.

You’ll notice that one of the columns is blank: “How much can you pay?” That’s because this is a list of owners. So instead, the “Lowest rent”—the smallest amount they’re willing to accept for the room— is filled in. If you searched for renters, the “How much can you pay?” column would list the highest amount of rent they are willing to pay. 

To learn more about a user, click on their username—the circled area. 









When you find someone you like, it's time to message them. Click here to learn how.

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