Help: Signing Up

Part One: Signing Up

Click the “Sign Up” button at the very top of the street on the right-hand side. 








Fill in your username and password. Your username is what other users will see when they look you up in the database.

See those little red *s? Those mean that that information is required—you will not be able to proceed to the next page unless you put something in there. 


​Scroll down! You’ll see more required information. Choose whether you are an owner (you own a home with a spare room you’re hoping to rent to someone) or a renter (you’re looking for a place to live) by clicking the circle next to the correct option. 






Next you choose where you live, or want to live. Click the ‘Select a value’ bar...





And it will drop down like this:





Just click the area that you live in! If your city isn’t listed, then choose ‘All Other Areas.’


​You’re almost done! Click the “Create new account” button, and you’ll be ready to start setting up your profile! 




If you click the button and find yourself back on the same page, scroll up and check for any boxes that are outlined in red, like this: 








That means that you’ve left off required information. Make sure every red box is filled in, then try again. 


Part Two: Setting Up Your Profile

Once you've signed up for an account, you will be automatically directed to the profile page, where you can begin filling in your information. 


Red *’s mean that the question must be filled out before you can proceed. Everything else is optional, but the more you fill out, the more success you’ll have in finding a match.

And don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and hit SAVE! 

Once you do, you will be brought to part two: Renter or Owner Info (depending on which you are) 

If you have listed yourself as living in “All Other Areas” REMEMBER TO LIST WHERE YOU LIVE OR WANT TO LIVE! Otherwise, people searching for you have no way of knowing where you live, and whether you would be a suitable housemate for them.

All of these questions are optional, but more information means better matches. 

Click here to learn how to search for housemates.

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