Our Vision

Let's Share Housing: A New Model for Affordable Living

Our country is addicted to the “American Dream.” You know, the one where everyone has their own home, their own car, and their own lawn mower? Nowadays, this dream is slipping through the fingers of even those that would have considered themselves middle class in the past, not to mention young folks trying to get a toehold for a future. Society sees this as a huge injustice and in many ways it is. However, it is also the reality of our times. So rather than bemoan this fact, could we instead choose to make lemonade out of lemons?

The shared economy concept is gaining more and more momentum in all kinds of industries. So why not look at the possibility of shared housing as a way to make more from less? What if folks chose a lifestyle of pooling resources to create home and community through shared housing, rather than to struggle to make ends meet every month? What might be the benefits?

  • Financial Savings
  • The possibility of having a better lifestyle than you could afford on your own
  • Everyone would have to work less
  • More leisure time to pursue interests
  • Shared responsibility around the house
  • Ready made social circle

Our vision for Let's Share Housing is to create a tool to support folks looking to find a more affordable way to thrive. In doing so, it is our belief that we will discover the value of being interconnected by living in community.

-- Michele Fiasca, Founder