Why Share Housing?

Shared housing keeps communities strong

At a grass roots level our communities thrive on engagement. We stay healthy and inspired to relate to one another by sharing a home. We have a say and a voice in what our lives ‘feel’ like, having the ability to be proactive more aspects of our lives.

When someone leaves the light on, prepares a meal to share or helps reduce utility expenses with their household contribution

Large homes occupied by a single long-time homeowner could easily be a thriving household

House-holders will ALL contribute their talents to the household! It’s a win-win for home- sharers...and our communities over all!

It benefits the environment

By using existing housing stock, shared housing cuts down on urban sprawl. Four adults filling a home make the home more energy efficient, cutting down on energy consumption and overall consumption. Rather than 4 adults owning and maintaining four lawnmowers at four different houses, home sharers benefit the environment by owning just one.

How many of us are heating a whole house occupied by just one person? The cost of heating and cooling homes won’t be decreasing anytime soon. Four people sharing heating and cooling costs would cut down on energy consumed overall. There are a lot of sustainable benefits!

It's good for your health

Living along can be isolating and is proven to affect overall well being.

Sharing a home adds vitality, conversation and is life enhancing. Just ask Roger Anunsen of MindRamp! There are lots of healthy benefits, not to mention the security of having someone around in case of a mishap.

Specific Benefits of Shared Housing

Homeowners Benefits

  • Get to stay in your own home
  • Earn extra income
  • Make new friends
  • Expands your support system
  • Cuts utility costs
  • Security of knowing someone is there
  • Can mix as much or as little as you both decide
  • Have an extra set of hands to help with chores
  • Get to age in place on your own terms

Housemate's Benefits

  • Find a great new place to live
  • Save money on housing
  • Make new friends
  • Shared utilities cost less
  • Security of knowing someone is there
  • Can mix as much or as little as you both decide
  • Expands your support system
  • Not responsible for all upkeep on your own
  • Get to create the kind of community that works for you